I have a Low Income, How Can I Start My Own Home Base Online Business?

If you meet prospects that have a problem with their monthly income, and it will take them a long time to consider joining your online business, here is the tips for you:1. Let them know that to get the initial investment for internet marketing is from their SAVING, not from their monthly INCOME. Most of the time I always mention to my teammates “It doesn’t matter how much money you can earn, but the most important thing is how much money you can save from your INCOME”. So, its worth to have $2000 as your monthly but you can save $500 monthly, compare to have $5000 monthly income, but your monthly expenses are also $5000.2. Convince your prospects that as their up line, you will help them. If your prospect said to you “OK, I will use my saving as the Initial Investment, but I only have several hundreds dollar which is only enough for my 6 months investment in home-based business; what if after 6 months I still do not get my down line, then what should I do?” It means that you as their Up line, you have to pay extra attention to them so that within the shortest time, they will be able to get their bonus that can cover their monthly internet business expenses. But again, if you have prospects afraid that their saving will running out before they success, then here is my tips: tell them “As your up line, I can not promise you anything, but I will help you as far as I can so that you will be able to get your bonus that can cover up your monthly online business expenses.3. If the prospect have a very minimum saving, or even do not have saving, ask them to start saving their money, so that they will be able to have a minimum investment to start their online business. If they really do not have saving and not intend to save, just forget them and move to your other prospects. But if they do have intention to save, encourage them again and again, probably in a couple of weeks or months, they will be able to have an enough saving to start their online business. What will you do if you want to open a cafeteria that need $ 550 as the initial investment meanwhile you do not have money now? Of course you will start to save right? If it is necessary you will try to get a loan. It is the same with your online business. If your prospects have a minimum income and minimum saving, keep motivate them to save their income, so they will have enough saving to start online business. It doesn’t matter how much money your income is, but it is really matter how much money you can save from your income.